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Now is not the time to stop training!

It's time to rethink it!

The Workforce Retention Micro-learning video series gives leaders the tools to train in slivers of time. The series contains 17 videos each ranging from 3 – 7 minutes with discussion questions that could lead to 10 – 60 minutes of thought-provoking conversations and action planning. With just 10 minutes a week, each manager could receive almost 9 hours of training within the next year.

17 Micro-Videos

Each video is 3 - 7 minutes. 

Discussion Questions

Managers will have a chance to dive as deep as time allows with these thought-provoking questions.

Implementation Guide

The implementation guide will keep you and your team on track.


Use this series to train:

  • During already established meetings
  • Managers within multiple shifts
  • When time and resources are limited
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Video Topics:

  • Introduction to the Employment Market

  • Do you know your people?

  • Communicate Your Expectations

  • Why People Leave When and How to Identify Potential "Escape Routes"

  • Introduction to M.A.G.N.E.T. Strategies

  • M- Management Effectiveness

  • A- Attraction & Recruiting

  • G- Guidance Upon Entry

  • N- New Staffing Models

  • E- Empowered Champions

  • T- Trust Through Transparency

  • Stay Interviews

  • Coaching

  • Team Building Activity- Mentoring Minute at Team Meetings

  • Stop Allowing Your Staff to Eat Their Young!

  • Tenure-Based Incentives - Carrots

  • Down at Halftime

Workforce Retention Micro-Learning Video Series


Per Organization (18-mon. license)

  • 17 Micro-learning Videos
  • Group Discussion Questions
  • 24/7 access for 18-months
  • Implementation Guide

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